• Step 1: Choose Product

    • for music recordings, direct marketing, trade show hand outs, educational programs, computer software, video games, archival storage, training programs and product demonstrations
    • STANDARD AUDIO holds approximately 74 minutes
    • LONG-PLAYING/NON-CONFORMING AUDIO holds approximately 80 minutes of music but may not work in all players
    • ENHANCED AUDIO holds approximately 74 minutes or 650 MB of music and multimedia content
    • ROM holds up to 650 MB of data, is perfect for software, PDFs, Power Point Presentations and archival storage
    • perfect for audio and visual content-ideal for movies, multimedia, games and software, allows for interactivity
    • DVD-5 holds 4.7 GB (approx 2 hours), single-sided, single-layered
    • DVD-9 holds 8.5 GB (approx 3.5 hours), single-sided, dual-layered
    • DVD-10 holds 9.4 GB (approx 4 hours), double-sided, single-layered
    • for high-definition video and high-capacity applications
    • single layer holds up to 25 GB
    • dual-layer holds up to 50 GB
    • offers advanced copy protection
  • Step 2: Choose Packaging

  • Step 3: Optional Services


    Regardless of what stage your project is at when you submit your job to DMA, we are ready to help you.

    To replicate you need to create a master. We can help you with mastering and authoring.

    You may already have your graphic design completed. But if not, consider having DMA design your graphics for you. With years of experience, our creative team knows what is needed to produce a custom design that meets your needs and appeals to your audience. As well, we can save you precious time and money because we know printing specifications for packaging. Incorrectly prepared or incomplete artwork is the biggest cause of delays in our industry!

    And we don't stop with your package design. We will handle any design needs you might have from promotional materials to websites. Imagine... a totally integrated campaign to launch your new product or service on time and on budget.

    If you do submit your own design, your files will be pre-flighted (double checked) by professional graphic designers and prepped for printing.

    We provide FREE bar codes for jobs that are destined for retail. We will either send these to your designer or strip them into your supplied artwork.

    We are always available if you are looking for advice on your order.