• What's the difference between the packaging options?

    Eco-Sleeve is the most lightweight, economical and environmentally friendly package option.

    Eco-Wallets are a larger version of the eco-sleeves as they have more panels and allow for single or multi-pocket options for extra discs or inserts, booklets and posters. They are compact and lightweight too.

    Digipaks are an all cardboard package with a plastic tray glued to an inside panel.  These also come in single or multi-tray options for including extra discs and pockets for inserts, booklets or posters.

    Shrink wrap vs no shrink wrap:  Shrink wrap provides protection when shipping and carrying to and from gigs and mailing out.

  • What finishes do you offer on printed packaging?

    Our recommended finish on any paper stock packaging option is an aqueous (water-based) coating. Just about every printed jacket you’ll find in a store is finished this way. We also encourage it because it’s the most eco-friendly option. In addition to an aqueous coating, we offer a matte finish which gives a softer, muted look. We also offer a UV gloss finish which results in a very shiny appearance, and there’s always the option to leave your packaging uncoated.