Reaching out to an audience often means transferring your creative
or information onto a disc. Whatever it takes to get your end
product customer-ready, DMA believes the process should be an exhilarating one!

At DMA customer service and your satisfaction are our top priorities. The strong relationships we build with our clients is what sets us apart from others in the industry. We deliver quick replies, competitive pricing, quality replication, personal service and after-sales support.

You name it, we can put it on disc (or vinyl). Music, movies, software and business proposals are all a big part of today's digital environment. Let DMA help you organize and produce content for your first or next CD, DVD, Vinyl or Blu-ray project. Whether you come to us for replication or for the whole package — design, printing and authoring - you will experience and appreciate our team's unsurpassed approach to customer service.

Unsurpassed Customer Service
Factory Direct Pricing
Highest Quality
Quick Turn Times
Licensed Manufacturing

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