Why us?

Because of who we are and what we do…

25 years of expertise

Our team at DMA Discs is dedicated to do all we can to make your CD, DVD, Blu-ray or Vinyl Record journey a true success.

Fast turnaround

We know how important it is to get the final product back to you looking and sounding top-notch, but also in hand quickly. That is why we operate with a fast 7-9 business day turnaround with rush options as quick as 1-2 days.

100 unit minimum run

Not everyone is ready to commit to the costs and space for larger runs, so with our small minimum runs you can still get the same high quality of our larger runs, without needing to drain that vacation fund early.

All-inclusive combo pricing

Because we believe in being upfront and 100% transparent with all our pricing and offerings. No hidden fees or surprise charges here. Our combo packages include everything you need to make a seriously high quality retail-ready end product. We offer a wide range of extras to boost the value and uniqueness of your product.

Quality all down the line, no compromises

Our production process ensures we take the time, ask the right questions, educate and take you through all of the steps to ensure you get the best possible end product.  Our manufacturing partners are the best in the business and continue to develop and implement quality control checks in every department.